Inspiration in Niagara: Tiffany aka EatingNiagara

Last week I woke up surprised and honoured to find myself the subject of an article by Chris (@ChrisEnnest) over at GetOutNiagara.ca!  It was the first in a series we are temporarily calling "Inspiration in Niagara" that will be featured on the local site (supposed to be every Monday morning, but I'm a slacker)  Chris would like to see the featured person, pick and write about the subject of the next week - so I have the pleasure to introduce to you this week's Inspiration in Niagara: Tiffany of EatingNiagara

I briefly met Tiffany for the first time recently when we exchanged plants but I feel like I've known her for months - in fact my first twitter connection with another human being was a response from Tiffany to the success of our Niagara College spring open house.  In keeping with Chris' theme I wanted to highlight a person who has helped me discover the hidden gems of Niagara, making the best of all this region has to offer and Tiffany does a wonderful job of that through her Twitter feed (@EatingNiagara) and contributions to EatingNiagara - a blog devoted to local eating and agriculture in Ontario's Niagara Region.  

Her blog has helped me find great restaurants, markets and local goodies but Tiffany has a more investigative side as well, honed by her years as a journalist and the agricultural news articles she writes for EatingNiagara are an accurate and no fuss account of the state of farming in Niagara.  You'd think that writing quality content and responding to my endless banter on Twitter would keep Tiffany busy but she somehow also found time to start up a volunteer collective of residential fruit pickers in a micro co-op type situation where the homeowners share their fruit with the volunteer pickers.  This group is aptly named the Garden of Eating (are you sending a trend here?  this chick has great taste!) and can likely be found in a backyard near you!  

Tiffany's writing and Twitter are definitely worth checking out if you live in the Niagara Region and enjoy tasty local food with a dash of opinion.  Plus she's the expert on all things hoity-toity... what's not to love?

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