organization vs procrastination

I really hate to do lists.  So much so that I often avoid looking at mine, entirely defeating the purpose of having one.  I figured if I prettied it up I might want to use it more (either that or this is yet another masterful way of making procrastination look like something productive).  I've got a number of different important tasks, and a few goals to be accomplished before the end of summer so I'm actually prettying up a couple different documents. 

#1 - the ToDo list.  All other sub items should ultimately be listed on here so I'll have to look at it frequently.  There's a surprising number of attractive to do list templates to choose from at oneprettything.com so I'll try out a few till I find one to stick with!

Before:  ugly, plain, boring to do list... makes me want to vomit & not do the things on it

After:  I chose to use "the freakin never ending to do list" by Vale Design because it has day circles as well as tick boxes and a special section for listing blog topics!

#2 - the monthly list
Some to do items are way far in the future, or require scheduling.  Right now I have to come up with a timeline/plan for what I'm doing with the rest of my summer.  Between appointments, travelling and possibly working somewhere in there I've really gotta manage my time!  For this I found a gorgeous printable Carnivorous Plants calendar from the A Print A Day Archive!

#3 - the medical list
I have an ongoing medical checklist (dentist appt, bloodwork, prescriptions etc) that I need to deal with while I have medical coverage from the college.  I used the  the Jellyfish Checklist also from A Print A Day as my template for these lists to liven up some boooooring subjects!

#4 - the back to school list
I have a number of things to get done before going back to school (register for classes, transfer credits, osap paperwork etc) that are really more like goals because of their complexity so I like this flowchart-like goalsetting template thats produced by getbuttonedup.com, especially because it has a "get back on track" section haha!

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