door to a neighbourhood

The front entrance of a house is a transition from the common space of the sidewalk and street into a personal living space.  Doorways are the first impression of a home - they can welcome one in, suspensefully deter visitors or represent a symbolic purpose.  In my neighbourhood the houses are very close to the walk and I've noticed that its the little personality touches in each door that really create the character of our street.  

here's a few simple design tips to add interest to a front door:

  1. Tie a simple grapevine wreath on your door. Change the theme by inserting various decorative items, such as flowers, flags, ribbons, pine cones, or pumpkins. You'll have a fresh look each season.
  2. Repaint the door in a fresh new color. You'll be amazed by what a statement you can make with a bright door. Be brave!
  3. Choose a new style of door handle, doorbell, and door knocker.
  4. Place decorative plant pots or urns on the steps leading to your door or on either side of the door and fill them with colorful seasonal flowering plants.
  5. Place a mat at your door - follow your interior decorating theme.
  6. Install window boxes to the windows near your front door and keep them filled with seasonal plants.
  7. Update the front door light fixture, and consider adding lighting along the walkway to the door.
  8. If you have room, add a small bench, rocking chair, or other piece of furniture to the porch by the door.
  9. Periodically sweep the steps and walk, and dust or wash the front door to keep it sparkling clean.
  10. Wash windows and glass in or near the door area. It will really look like you want someone to come to your home!

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