lavender mint cooling body scrub

My bills and flyers had an enticing scent today but I couldn't figure out why until I flipped through and found a charming little package from Ali (@eatreadlove) my newest local penpal :)  "Smell Me" it said, so I did and then quickly ripped it open to confirm my guess - Lavender, a loose bundle from the Organic General Store in Virgil along with a great letter.  I find twitter, facebook etc great for keeping in touch and I've enjoyed getting to know Ali through her blog (also called Eat, Read, Love) but I've always been a bit of an old-fashioned real world kinda gal and I just love sending and receiving such great fun in the mail!  Thanks Ali!  

Lavender Mint Cooling Scrub
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup high quality oil
handful of lavender
handful of mint
Combine all the ingredients in a mason jar and shake well to mix.  Store in the refrigerator and it will be cool and refreshing to scrub your body with.  I used Olys oil made from cereal and fruits because it has a really high Vitamin E content and a much lighter scent and feel than other oils but you could also use virgin olive oil or almond oil.  The blue soap you see pictured there is great for gardeners!  Its Pumice Soap (made by Toronto based Soap Works) which contains finely ground pumice grit to remove dirt and calluses especially from the hands and feet of digging gardeners like me!

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