#gardenchat 9.12 -- Growing Up

Today's #gardenchat was hosted by the lovelies @susanlmorrison@sweetrebecca, authors of the book Garden Up! I've been wanting to check out #gardenchat for a while and today's topic: Vertical Gardening seemed apropriate.  This morning Cassiopeia and I chatted about @LifeOnTheBlcny's tutorial for a Vertical Pallet Garden and then we briefly discussed living walls in class.

The first time Vertical Gardening piqued my interest was in highschool when Patrick Blanc created la Robe Végétale for Jean Paul Gaultier.  Then last year I saw a number of large scale living walls during the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities bootcamp and the Landscape Ontario trade show.  Ever since, I've been trying to find a scalable way to bring a living wall into my home.  To get a real Patrick Blanc wall effect, I'm going to try the stopmotion project video -- but if you're looking for a quicker, simpler piece of living decor, the #gardenchat consensus is woollypockets (pictured below)!  I do wonder though, if I could make something similar myself?

A selection from the 9.12 #gardenchat transcript

[0638] susanlmorrison For indoors, pick a container designed for indoors.
@woollypockets makes a version that’s fully lined. #gardenchat -9:26 PM

[0645] MulchMaven @coronatools @charlestonparks @claimourspace Oh,
@woollypocket is a great product! Used it on client project; they're awesome!
#gardenchat -9:26 PM

[0666] sweetrebecca We love @woollypocket - they're great for shallow-rooted
veggies, too. Here's mine..#gardenchat http://t.co/MmfE6by -9:27 PM

[0680] gardenofwords I'm just going to tweet pictures of all of the woolly
pocket wall gardens I've seen this year! #gardenchat #woollypockets -9:28 PM

[0736] gardenofwords It's the @woollypocket wall at the Naples Botanical
Garden #gardenchat http://t.co/dgWIqoX -9:31 PM

[0775] gardenofwords Here's the @woollypocket wall at Terrain Garden Center
in Pennsylvania. #gardenchat http://t.co/a88mXKC -9:33 PM

[0804] gardenofwords Here's the @woollypocket wall at Molbeck's outside of
Seattle! #gardenchat http://t.co/FOlm751 -9:35 PM

[0999] inhabitingtrees @susanlmorrison @sweetrebecca it seems like the
#gardenchat consensus for indoor living walls is @woollypocket yes? -9:45 PM

[1014] sweetrebecca RT @inhabitingtrees: @susanlmorrison it seems like the
#gardenchat consensus for indoor living walls is @woollypocket yes?>A big Yes!
-9:45 PM

[1044] SimmonsNaturals @sweetrebecca @inhabitingtrees @susanlmorrison
@woollypocket Indoor wooly pockets? I missed something here... #gardenchat -
9:47 PM

[1052] MadAboutGarden RT @sweetrebecca: @inhabitingtrees: it seems like the
#gardenchat consensus for indoor living walls is @woollypocket yes?> yes -
absolutely -9:47 PM

[1054] sweetrebecca @SimmonsNaturals @woollypocket s has some made
specifically for indoors, with a thicker lining...super cool #gardenchat -9:48 PM

[1085] ecokatLA @woollyschools pocket @SanPedroSciCtr, look at those
peppers! #gardenchat http://t.co/9JwzycJ -9:49 PM

[1134] inhabitingtrees @sweetrebecca @susanlmorrison so what would you put
IN the indoor @woollypocket ? #gardenchat -9:52 PM

[1184] susanlmorrison @inhabitingtrees We're not really experts on indoor
plants, but anything tropical + trailing should work in a @woollypocket
#gardenchat -9:54 PM


  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out AND for referring to me as one of the two 'lovelies' who wrote Garden Up! :) As you gathered from above, we are definitely fans of Woolly Pockets and have seen so many different ways people have used them over the past year. I even have three of them planted with veggies, hanging on my fence in my very narrow side yard where they've lived all summer, happily providing me with veggies!

  2. Very cool video ... it is a goal of mine to try growing vertical. My first attempt is going to be in my greenhouse. I love reading what you took away from #gardenchat. Thank you for being a part of the community.