cloves for dental pain

Camden was up all night with a raging tooth infection leftover from years of punk rock partying.  Thank goodness I was making gingerbread last week because I have lots of ground clove leftover.

I made a paste of 1/4 tsp ground clove and some honey and folded it in an empty unbleached teabag for him to tuck in between his gums and cheek to take the edge off the pain.  Its better than using ground clove straight on the gum as it gets everywhere and the taste is nasty!  It really did seem to work well though, he's napping soundly now making up for a sleepless night last night.  I also plan to make him a clove mouthwash to use in future, but all the recipes I'm finding contain gin or vodka... not sure that's the best idea for him first thing in the morning!