Professional Help Needed!

Its been a significantly long time since my last professional haircut .. my records (facebook) tell me it was May of 2009!  I've had a number of cuts / styles since then: from scraggly waist length to a blunt mid shoulder cut then again from that to a chin length bob followed by Delirium inspired rainbow hair and a side shaved mohawk!  However, all of those were at the hands of well intentioned but less than professional friends.  I had some pretty interesting asymetrical lines going on and it was just time to do things right!  I asked some Gravenhurst / Bala friends and the Muskoka twitter crowd where in town was the best place to get my hair done .. again and again the answer was the same: Thomas Schultz at NORTH!  I followed their advice, and boy am I ever glad I did :)  Not only did I get a great cut but I met a friendly dog, a fabulous stylist and got to check out a really awesomely decorated salon!
The cut itself: soooo .. I've got eccentric hair to begin with (its still shaved on the sides and curly as can be) but Thomas didn't blink an eye, he just got straight (literally) to it, shearing off the sides, taking off the dead ends and giving me some great shape.  It looked lovely blown dry and ironed, but the real true test was how did the cut stand up once my hair had been drenched in lakewater, showered back to curly, and tangled in a windblown boat ride?  Well I'm super happy with the result!
As for the salon: I just adore NORTH!  Its quirky interior is just the right amount of cottage country rustic: birch-bark, deer heads, tool chest styling stations and a really delightful front desk made of a boat; intermingled with the chic and well finished sheen you'd expect of a city salon.  Thomas is passionate about cutting, colouring and styling hair -- and it shows!  For 14 years he trained and worked all over North America, from Toronto to LA, with some of the biggest names: Vidal Sassoon, Tony&Guy, Redken brands.  Now he's in charge, having opened his own salon right here in Gravenhurst .. bringing his winning smile and personality plus the latest trends from Toronto up "north"!

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