Enjoying My Wintry Backyard

Gardening is social - well suited to companionship, our backyards are backdrops to a huge range of social functions.  But it's usually the plants and greenery, the gardens themselves, that are on display and outdoor living seems to be a seasonal thing.  So, when autumn arrives, people usually clean out their flowerbeds, lawns, patios and decks and store everything away for the winter.  Not me!

I've left a few distinctively shaped objects out on my deck, for a bit of wintry interest under the snow :)

See the pretty snowflakes,
Falling from the sky;
On the wall and housetops,
Soft and thick they lie.

On the window ledges,

On the branches bare;
Now how fast they gather,
Filling all the air.

Look into the garden,

Where the grass was green;
Covered by the snowflakes,
Not a blade is seen.

Now the bare black bushes,

All look soft and white,
Every twig is laden,
What a pretty sight!

Falling Snow Author Unknown

I don't limit my backyard socializing to pleasant weather, I want to make the most of my outdoor space, year round!  I heated up hot chocolate in travel mugs, and invited a friend over to join me in those snowy chairs.  You're never too old to get into snowpants (every Canadian adult should own some) and have a great time playing outside!

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