summer entertaining with a local twist - mini art books

I spent the day in the air-conditioned comfort of my craft room (living room) cause it was just too hot to venture outdoors.  Inspired by a great book I found in the kids section of the St. Catharines Library called Making Books that Fly, Fold, Wrap, Hide, Pop Up, Twist and Turn (what a title!) I made a number of summery art books and a few ATCs.
 The first two books I made were Summer Entertaining Drink Idea books made from scraps of an LCBO pamphlet among other paper ephemera I had around.  Even in my arts and crafts I try to promote supporting your local scene - note the niagara wine suggestions and Canadian (Thunder Bay) tea in the non-alcoholic row!
The third book I made was a mini photography portfolio book that I made as a mockup for a "real size" portfolio I plan to assemble for myself.  The final one will of course have much better finishings :p
Last but not least I made a few ATCs with the smaller scraps I had floating around after making the books.  They are up for trade in my ATCsforAll.com Gallery
(L: Adventurous Alice | R: Designer Tea)


  1. I always wished I was crafty. I read your posts with envy.

  2. Nothing I do is terribly hard - in fact all the ones here came from a kids craft book! Lets have a craft night one night and I guarantee you'll complete at least 2 projects!