surprise mail - ATCs and jewelry!

I had a happy surprise this morning when I found my mailbox overflowing with lovely mail!  Two swap envies with 8 ATCs between them (and one return to sender due to my inability to address things properly) but I was expecting those any day.  The bigger surprise was a paper/padded envelope... what could it be?  Remember back in April when Camden planted an earth day cedar tree?  Neither did I!  Which is why I was delightfully surprised to discover a lovely bunny necklace in my mail today.  Thanks Figs&Ginger!  Made of recycled sterling silver using eco-friendly studio habits and inspired by Forests, I can see myself wearing this necklace daily!  Bonus points for making the clasp easy to use - I hate trying to attach the twisty kind on myself.  The cedar tree is also much happier now, surrounded by fields of herbs instead of weeds.

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