blueberries and antique cars!

It was a happenin' day downtown St. Catharines with both the Farmers Market and the Antique Car Show going on I was out for the whole day without leaving my neighbourhood :) 

Blueberries:  I've been buying up bundles of the locally cultivated highbush blueberries for my smoothies and granola - they're big round juicy and explode in your mouth with a sweet burst of juice.  I've been eating them almost every day for the last few weeks and I've noticed a distinct improvement in my skin (acne) must be all the antioxidants.  Today I picked up my usual container of berries, but then out of the corner of my eye I saw something that looked similar... but different.  Blueberries, but tiny ones, rolling around in the basket, barely squishing when pressed in on top of eachother.  Instantly images of rocky lakes, tall trees and boggy swamps came to me - WILD Nickel Belt blueberries!  Most people refer to Sudbury when they think of these berries, but I prefer the ones grown in the even rockier and craggier stretch from Espanola down to Manitoulin where all the stresses mother nature can throw at these plants forces them to cram  their sugars into tiny tangy berries with a much sharper intense flavour.  Lowbush blueberries (the wild ones) are almost crunchy and pack a big nutritional punch with many more antioxidants, anthocyanins, and phytonutrients than their cultivated cousins.  Either type of blueberry freezes well, maintaining far more nutrients per lb than just about any other fruit. 
After loitering around the market chatting with friends and reading the paper I walked through the antique car show.  Despite not knowing anything about cars I had a fun time looking at the shiny, colourful big man toys!  Some of my highlights included a rusted but fascinating truck from 1929 and another rusty farm truck from the 50s and the "Pimp Mobile" (pink fuzzy interior, signed picture of Jenna Jameison, I ♥ Lesbians on dashboard).  I'm sure for people who know their cars there were many rare sights but I just enjoyed looking at the character cars - the ones with great personality! 

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