I need a little time to wake up...

I always seem to sleep past my morning glories flowering but their heart shaped leaves are still beautiful as they slowly engulf the ugly billboard on my roof!

With trumpet shaped flowers and heart shaped leaves, Morning Glories are the ultimate urban beautification plants!  Growing up to 3+m in just 2 months and easy to grow from seed these twining vines quickly cover objects and thrive in poor disturbed areas as they actually prefer soils with less nutrients.  They will grow lushly with full sun and lots of water but will tolerate just about any conditions. Morning Glories live up to their name, flowering first thing in the morning, on cloudy days the flowers may last into the afternoon. 

I was trying to fit the whole plant into one shot without much success so I decided to make a short little vid.  I'm a still photographer not a videographer so please excuse the rough quality!
(looks much better if you just keep it small screen)


  1. Did you put something inside the flowers to make them glow like that? Double flower oh my god. Double flower so intense!

  2. Haha my neighbour had to explain that comment and then I had to watch the rainbow video (which I had not yet seen, apparently I'm out of touch)

    No I didn't put anything in the flowers, those are from last summer (cause I keep sleeping in this year) it was a really bright day which makes the petals go almost translucent and blows out the highlights a little bit hence the glowing effect! looks rad tho eh?