Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla var. flavescens 'Bright Lights'

 That name's quite a mouthful and so is this leafy colourful plant!  Also known as rainbow chard this  chenopod features hilighter-esque coloured veins in dark green leafy leaves and a refreshingly bitter taste.  Along with doing double duty as an ornamental edible is also incredibly drought resistant - mine is flourishing in this heat wave!

I had thrown a bunch of seeds in a small container of soil then forgot about it when it got tucked behind some junk on the roof.  By the time I found it there were tons of medium size seedlings, completely root bound but quite healthy.  I figured I'd transplant all of them and see what happens, they're pretty resilient!  
Did you know rainbow chard roots are rainbow?  Neither did I until I pulled them out of the container!

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