You've Got Healthcare Options Nearby

Get to know them better!  As a student for the last few years without a family doctor its hard to know when to go to the ER or the walk in clinic and not just give up and go back to bed (resulting in lost work and student productivity).  The Ministry of Health has a great series of public services directing you to their informative website:

Health Care Connect: can help you find nearby health care and help you select an apropriate type of healthcare.  They can help counsel you regarding long term care, diabetes education, wait times for surgery and when is best to go to the ER.

Quick quiz:  Do you know the difference between these types of healthcare?  
Click on each to find out!
What makes me so interested in public health?  Well my grandmother was a VON nurse and my mum is a journalist who often writes public health stories: Hospital Superbugs, Cross Border Care, H1N1 Flu Shots, and most recently Patient Access to Medical Marijuana

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