Chez Cora - A New Canadian Icon?

 Established in May of 1987, Cora's restaurant is literally the same age as me!  Starting as a small Montreal all day breakfast bar, Cora has grown one small business into a nation wide franchise, changing how Canadians eat and an early adopter of the healthy living lifestyle.  Serving high quality, fresh ingredients, especially large portions of fruit(!!!) Cora's main mission is to promote the importance of eating breakfast.  In fact, the Cora Foundation partners with the Breakfast Clubs of Canada to provide support and nutrition to young people across Canada.  The traditional Canadian food icon, Tim Hortons, perpetuates the notion that Canadians only care about hockey, caffeine and donuts.  Maybe Cora franchisees can reinvent the face of Canadian food, giving Canadians a fresh, healthy option across the country... plus Cora herself is a gem!  Obviously, I'll be eating there often when a new Chez Cora restaurant opens in St. Catharines!

Also - check out these great Chez Cora recipes you can try at home!

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