5 Minute Rice Paper Window Garland

I picked up some lovely earthy metallic paper at Dinh Dinh's Asian Supermarket last week and I wanted to get it up somewhere in my house while it would still pick up the warm autumnal sunset tones outside!  Using this very simple tutorial from Pin and Paper I snazzed up some dollar store clothespins and clipped them to some deep red hemp thread along my front door frame.   Then I simply clipped in the rice paper which has a fundamental elegance I didn't want to mess with.  Stunning simple beauty. 

One lucky person will win this little package so they can make their very own rice paper window garland!
As this is my first giveaway there are no particular rules, no random # generator, no following or twittering.  Just somehow comment why you should have this great little package (about 50 pages of the paper!) and I'll simply pick the best one at my own whim.  I know!  Not fair!  Oh well :)


  1. Pretty pretty. I love the little touch on the clothespins, too.

  2. I'd be interested to know what the rice paper is. For me, rice paper is made of rice and you cut it in circles for bases when you are cooking macaroons. We used to eat sheets of it for fun when we were children. We liked the idea of eating paper. Although it didn't taste unpleasant, it got stuck round one's mouth in an uncomfortable way. I assume that isn't the kind of rice paper you are hanging up in your window!


  3. I stand corrected (by a Twitter follower) its called Joss Paper and while I still think its rice, it could also be bamboo paper. They are burned in Asian cultures to venerate the ancestors if I understand correctly! Regardless - they're super pretty :)

  4. Cute idea... Would also be an easy project for my Girl Scout Troop..