Spin Your Own Rope

Biodegradable Jute twine is readily available for use as garden ties, vine supports and utility twine.  But sometimes you need stronger rope to hold something together, and most rope available is either plastic or petroleum based.  Not to mention the loss of a traditional homesteading skill: rope making.  Following my source local policy I found jute twine that was spun in Guelph from 100% raw materials.  Using these Pendulum Style Ropemaking instructions I spun a couple 1 foot sections of the rope, then washed, dried, worked and oiled the rope with castor oil, using approximate instructions from this scientific paper.  Like most of my DIY adventures, this was very much trial and error and the rope isn't nearly tight enough, but that can be fixed!  Next thing I want is a hand cranked rope making machine :)  Where did I first become interested in making rope?  I visited the Mystic Seaport when I was about 10, I distinctly remember the Plymouth Cordage Co Ropewalk.

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