That's right sistas can rock the "Mo" too!

If you haven't heard of Movember yet you must be living in a hole or possibly North Korea.  Otherwise everywhere you look facial hair is scraggling its way to a global phenomenon :)  I myself am a fan of the Mustache with its classic sexy-ness and here we're rockin the "Petit Femme" Stash but I especially love the Handlebar-for-a-good-cause! 

For over a decade men have been growing out their mustaches during the month of November to generate conversation about and "change the face" of mens' health issues (prostate and testicular cancer, depression) but come on, its partially just cause the Mustache is so rad!  So we all know men out there can grow a snazzy moustache to raise money and awareness but what about us lady Stache-Lovers?  You can support your Mo-sporting friends, recruit men in your life with lacking facial hair, raise funds and attend Mustache Gala Parties.  But I've thought of one more great way to spread the Mo-love message...

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  1. The man in my life has just shaved his face-obscuring beard off so I now know what he looks like! Simultaneously, I seem to be going unintentionally bald and am not pleased to seethe pink of my scalp.