I'd like a pint of Draft Punk please!

I've been listening to Tron 2 soundtrack clips and having a mini heart attack - I've been fiending for more new Daft Punk since I saw them in Toronto on the Alive Tour:2007.  Tron (along with War Games) was one of my favourite movies as a child and I loooove Jeff Bridges (just watched the Fisher King, which interestingly enough is Terry Gilliam's second feature film about the holy grail) So obv I'm excited to see Tron 2: Legacy with a Daft Punk soundtrack that features 100 piece orchestra instruments with electronic elements!  This is their first feature sountrack as a duo and so far it sounds good, although a bit disjointed as its just the Teaser Clip track: Derezzed and End Titles: Somekind of Awesome.
And the trailer looks rad!

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