Passive/Aggressive Water Saving Strategies

I like to save water, but sometimes (especially when I'm sleepy) I zone out and end up taking forever!  So I've come up with two strategies to encourage myself to take shorter showers, and one extra step for water recycling consciousness!

1) Passive: I've placed a clock in right in eyeline from where I stand under the shower.  When I'm awake and in a good mood, watching the seconds and minutes tick away is enough to motivate me!

2) Aggressive: this one is partially possible because of the arrangement of my shower and laundry (refer to picture)  When I'm sleepy, cranky, or likely to dawdle in the shower I throw all my clothes in the laundry, turn the thing on and wait for it to fill up.  The second it switches to agitate I turn on the shower and have a few minutes, just barely enough, before it drains - then I know I have about 25 seconds to get out before the shower turns ice cold!

3)  See those leaves down in the bottom?  I'm nursing a bay tree back to life - between the frosted window's filtered light and the humidity its a perfect environment for ailing plants and I use biodegradable soaps so I just share the water :)

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