Watermelon Plant (Easy Houseplants)

When people find out I'm a horticulturalist or that I work with plants they assume that I am good with all plants.  This would be incorrect...eep!  While I love vegetable gardening and practical edible plants, I still know very little about indoor tropicals, and manage to kill most of  my houseplants.  A current favourite came from the college greenhouse during one of my interiorscaping classes, and I've actually managed to keep it alive a few months.  It's a keeper!  I also love the fun name :)
Watermelon Plant (Pilea cadierei) is named for its foliage - dark textured green with silvery white splashes, though its also called Aluminum Plant and is so far the most interesting of the hardy/tolerant houseplants I've found.  It seems to handle the soil drying right down between waterings and is in a very cool, though moderately humid room.  Lightwise its getting bright but filtered sunlight through most of the day and seems to prefer that to the indirect lower light around the corner in my kitchen.  I've pinched it back a few times to keep it nice and dense, and I've noticed those cuttings root very well when I stick them back in the pot.  I'd certainly recommend this one as a houseplant for a sunny windowsill or room :)

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