Beargrass Floral Accent

I'm taking Intro to Floral Design as a night course, and this evening's class lends itself well to a picture tutorial so I thought I'd invite you to follow along :)

The floral accent we learned tonight is a cluster of beargrass, circled in the picture on the left.
Our arrangement is all inserted into floral foam, such as oasis, but I thought it would also be a nice addition to a houseplant or mixed planter, picked into the soil instead.  Start by selecting 8 or so strands of beargrass.  Trimming one end, hold it against a floral pick and wrap the wire tightly around.  Cover with floral tape to secure, and repeat for the other end.  Securely stick the pick at each end of the cluster of grass into your arrangement or planter's soil so that the grass forms a semicircular shape.  You can also do this with the pick at only one end for an open cascade of grass.

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