Book Review: Good Bugs for Your Garden

School is taking over life so today's is a repost but one I love :)

"I’d like people to know that although some insects can be frightening and creepy, they are an important element in the garden, essential for plant reproduction and health. By learning how to properly identify the good guys you can learn to appreciate these wondrous creatures. I encourage your readers to take some time to sit in their gardens and watch the vibrant, vigorous activity that is taking place on and around their plants." - Allison Starcher (LoveToKnow.com)

Good Bugs for Your Garden is a whimsical little gem of a book written by Allison Mia Starcher.  This picture book style guide is perfect for the young at heart gardener who misses the days of illustrated anthologies. 

The charming illustrations bring interest to an important subject - the use of beneficial insects to control pest populations and promote healthy plants.  Allison's book covers a wide range in types of beneficial insects including: predators, parasitoids, pollinators, and soil builders and has neatly divided the insects into their orders.  Allison presents information that is scientifically accurate (I've been checking the information against my Entomology notes) while not imposing on the reader too much technical jargon.  From Damselflies to Nematodes this book is full of helpful information and wonderous critters.  

Available in St. Catharines, Thunder Bay, Guelph, Hamilton and Toronto Public Libraries under the call # 635.0497 Sta

For more information on the author visit: AllisonStarcher.com

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