Pennies Ain't So Lucky Today!

As part of its federal budget delivery today, Ottawa has announced its decided to scrap the penny coin  - you can read all the specific details here.   As a former cashier and retail sales manager, I support the decision, I think it would be much easier to simply round prices than roll and supply the change/coins.  We're saving environmentally, too, the energy and metals required to produce pennies.   But the first thought that came to my head?  I couldn't help be reminded of a scene from one of my favourite shows!  I watched The West Wing faithfully throughout my teen years, and my opinions of political policy are often shaped by it ;)

Another of my favourite scenes from that episode wasn't on youtube:

Suddenly, Sam knocks and pokes his head in.
SAM:  Excuse me. Excuse me, General.
ADAMLEY:  Hey, Sam.
SAM:  Margaret wasn't out here.
LEO:  What do you need?
SAM:  No, if you're in the middle of something, I can come back.
ADAMLEY:  We're eliminating genocide. What are you doing?
SAM:  Eliminating the penny. So I'll come back.
LEO:  Yeah.
ADAMLEY: See you later.
Sam closes the door.

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