toooooo many toooooomatoes!

I'm going a little bit crazy from the number of tomatoes I'm dealing with right now!!  Not only do I have a big clump of them growing in my office at home, and a crop of them growing in the research greenhouse... but now I also am responsible for watering huge long benches of tomato seedlings at work as well!! (see picture to the left)  

I am glad, though, that I can focus on learning about them.  Tomatoes are, after all, the number one greenhouse crop in Ontario - something I hope to focus on when I have my own greenhouse some day!  Plus the different heirloom varieties have always been a beloved part of my summer gardens.

So today I spent my day carefully tending the hundreds of tomato seedlings lining the back wall of the greenhouse I work at and I'm really glad to see a number of heirlooms were seeded in the mix :) Plus with this many seedlings going out to garden centers as part of the annuals program, maybe we'll see more tomatoes and less petunias!

*hopeful face*

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