flowering aloe

Another rad thing about working in a greenhouse?  Unusual specimens!   I've never seen an Aloe vera  plant in bloom before, but today at work I noticed these tucked in a corner along the back drive.  My aloe plants have always done well in sunny windowsills, but they are only a few years old.   I think I remember from interiorscaping class that aloe will only flower when mature, when in a tropical environment, and only with a certain number of daylight hours over a certain number of months that most houseplants just don't achieve.  These ones though, look pretty well established, and seeing their sunny yellow blooms brightened up my day.

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  1. I live in Maine and have an aloe plant I purchased 25 years ago at the grocery store. It is now huge and must be on the floor (having pushed itself off a table a few years ago). It is in a SE window but shaded in the afternoons. The room is in the 50's at night and 60's during the day in the winter. We were totally shocked when it started to blossom. I had just gotten back from Florida where they were blooming outside my in-laws' home. Am I suppose to cut back the flower stalk after the blossoms fade?