plant-nerd friends

One of the most important things to me in life is meaningful friendships.  I know I've done well when I want to laugh out loud and shed a tear within a few minutes of getting the day started, these two status updates were at the top of my feed this morning & just made my morning :)  Having gone to horticultural/greenhouse school together we share a similar sense of humour and outlook on life.  You guys rock!

If I fall asleep in direct sunlight, let me be.  I am photosynthesising.
-- Cassiopeia

If humans were like plants, I could take a cutting of myself and start all over. Or maybe I could just graft the good parts of my brain onto fresh brain-stock. How about prune out the dead and re-pot myself into fresh soil. Just give me a selective humanicide so I can get rid of the the unwanted parts of me and be heathy and happy. 
-- Nathan

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