tying my summer garden into the winter holidays

REPOST from last year -- 
I'm super busy with school, and anyways this wreath still hangs in my house!

The morning glories that grew all over my billboard and stairs left twisted vines and little seed globes, wrapped and twined and dried into a lovely almost rope-like structure.  I tied the rope onto a wire circle as gently as possible so not to unwind the rope or dislodge the seeds.  In the spring I can plant the wreath and a perfect circle of the morning glories will grow!  The whole project should be done overtop of some kind of lid or plastic sheet so you can also save the seeds that fall off :)

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  1. What a great idea! I love that you'll plant them next year. I just came across a group of urban weavers who collect invasive species, dry the vines, and weave them into baskets and hats. What creativity. Thanks for stopping by Garden Therapy, I'm glad to have found you.