Let There Be Light! (and energy efficiency)

If, like me, you've lived in any number of older apartments you're likely no stranger to drafty, rattling wrinkled glass windows.  While lovely, they're not energy efficient or very safe against break-ins -- all things you should consider as an apartment renter!

In cold conditions, an otherwise well insulated home loses heat through the windows as heat energy transfers from warmer to cooler areas.  Radiation through the glass, air leaking from cracks, conduction through the frames and sashes are all ways that old windows lose heat and jack up your energy bill!

In my case, I got lucky and have great landlords who are a few at a time replacing my windows with energy efficient, tilt-opening and locking windows.  I haven't always been so lucky, so here's some info I've found helpful in the past. ApartmentTherapy: 5 Ways to Insulate Your Windows for Winter and Office of Energy Efficiency tips for repairing or improving existing windows: start by assessing your situation.

I could have kept the charming old wrinkly glass windows.  However .. I have way too many projects on the go!!  My basement is full, my calendar is full, my brain is full so I said no!  But if I had kept the old windows, here's a few ideas I like:
Curbly -- Salvaged Window Greenhouse and a different version of the same idea  
Apartment Therapy -- Old Windows as Space Dividers 
Shelterness -- Coffee Table from Window & Two Wooden Crates

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