Heirloom Tomatoes: Stupice -- Transplanting Day

The Stupice tomatoes we're growing for our research project got their big guy homes today!  The ellepot system has really worked out well for us :)  The seedlings did indeed root faster in the paper wrapped ellepots, they have wonderful white fluffy roots just starting to grow out the bottom so we knew it was time to move!  They were super simple to transplant, with no garbage to throw away.  There's still 6 seedlings waiting to be transplanted too :)  We transplanted into large nursery pots with 3 variations of container mix.
(this is where the research comes in)
Pots 1&2: Berger BM6 with no amendments (control)
Pots 3&4: BM6 amended with 10% Forterra Vermicastings
Pots 5&6: BM6 mixed 50/50 with Forterra Vermicastings

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