River Rock Bathroom Tile Fix

I don't know how many of you have experienced cracked bathroom tiles, but it sucks to stub a toe or slice your foot on them, plus dirt &dust, bobbypins&glitter and all such things get stuck in there.  I originally had a mat over the tile but it tends to slide around, and I've got people coming to visit so I wanted something a bit more elegant, at least for the weekend! --inspired by a dry streambed we saw in our horticulture class this week :)

  • Step 1 -- clean the tub&tile! Punkupine is my awesome cleaning buddy :)
    Step 2 -- awesome stickers from Dollarama! ($1.25)
    Step 3 -- find cracks in tile
    Step 4 -- cover cracks in tile with stickers!
    Step 5 -- cover ALLL the cracks with LOTSsss of stickers! :) :)
    BONUS -- I even got the cracks by the garbage can!

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