Koppert Biological Systems

Remember my Beneficial Insect halloween costume?  Well there seems to be a bit of a trend this week LoL Today and tomorrow our class is having guest speakers from various biological pest control companies.  "What is Bio-Control" you ask?  Simply put: instead of using chemicals, establish a biological system that uses predatory or parasitic insects, mites and nematodes to control other pest insects in the greenhouse (or your home garden and lawn) by preying on them.  Today we're learning from the experts at Koppert!  While they may produce state-of-the-art biological systems that are used by professional growers, they recognize that the home gardener faces many of the same challenges and provide many of the same specialized bio-controls directly to homeowners who are looking for safe, chemical-free alternatives to the traditional pest controls.  In fact, many of my classmates can confirm that bios can be successfully used at home, cause we all took petri-dishes full of samples to spread around our houseplants and at-home-projects :)

my classmate Laura to her fiancee: "Honey, there may be a few more insects in the apartment than there were when you left this morning .. but trust me its a good thing!" she nods convincingly

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