Native Plants for Your Garden

TRCA supports environmental stewards who care for the land and water resources through their positive environmental actions.  They believe that a healthy watershed is the result of the efforts of all the landowners within it. The Healthy Yards Program provides watershed residents with the inspiration, information and tools required to create naturally beautiful lawns and gardens.  Workshops, fact sheets and subsidized garden and lawn supplies ease the adoption of sustainable practices in private yards.  TRCA encourages a set of sustainable behaviours carried out in private yards including: gardening with native plants, removing invasive exotic plants, landscaping for energy conservation, creating wildlife habitat, composting, conserving water, reducing the use of polluting equipment, reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

I've got a little flipbook version of the Native Plants for Your Garden publication on some kind of handy waterproof paper, but you could easily print your own or read it online!  Its got some lovely suggestions for the GTA and Southern Ontario.

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