Moo Poo Tea

I met @greensoil on #gardenchat a few months ago, and as I've been seeking advice for my heirloom tomato research project her product Moo Poo Tea has been mentioned again and again!  Her family has been using this manure tea on their historic Haven Seed Co farm since 1853 and selling it as an all-natural soil conditioner since 1924!  Authentic Haven Brand’s Moo Poo Tea was originally sold to mid-size agricultural farms, but when the area around their own farm started to develop into housing and neighbourhoods, they started packaging in the cute little reusable "teabags" you see below and have been helping gardeners, landscapers as well farmers (and now greenhouse growers) ever since!  Annie very kindly sent me a sample package which arrived today, it actually smelled pretty good -- like rich, earthy fields.  We've started brewing them in a @CompostTeaGSI system provided by the research greenhouse and we'll keep you all posted how it goes! :)

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  1. So happy you received your Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew "Moo Poo Tea" I know your heirloom tomatoes, greenhouse, garden and indoor plants will all love their natural root boost! I look forward to your shares as they grow!

    Thank you Annie