Orchid Butterfly

$5, 5 steps, 5 minutes that's all this simple headband or hair tie craft should take!

(1) Remove the orchids from the stem then (2) separate the petals. (3) Mix and match the coloured petals (or don't if you prefer) and select a matching or contrasting butterfly. (4) Insert the wire pick on the back of the butterfly through the holes in the petals then (5) wrap it around the headband or hair tie (I pierced the wire through the headband initially) Use the leaves for accents if you wish!  --all the materials are from Dollarama--


  1. Thanks lovely :)
    I've got one of the samples put aside for the next time I see you!

  2. Ohhhh Kate, You need to move right in, so we can create (and you can model) non stop!! LOVE your blog girl!! :D xo