Greetings & Salutations from the (near) North!

I'm back in Gravenhurst for two weeks again, I had a truly fabulous time last year!  Here's a quick recap of what I got up to last summer (keep clicking away, each mention links to a previous post) and I'll be writing lots of updates / new posts this vacation!

I explored the Muskoka Wharf and its peninsula park, and Lookout Park on the opposite side.  Then later in the week: Loon Lake Road, Bala Falls and the town of Gravenhurst .. which I absolutely fell in love with!

My botanical interests surfaced when I discovered Arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia) at the edge of the lake and a lovely soft bed of mosses to set up my tent on!

I got a fabulous hand knit top at House of Ray, which I noticed is closed this year :-(

Finally, I enjoyed some delicious Belly Ice Cream when I visited one of my favourite farmers markets (Gravenhurst)

Last but not least, we're again staying at the stunningly gorgeous Muskoka Soul guesthouse !!

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