Tie-Dye Duct Tape Corset Top

I've been kinda obsessed with making things out of duct tape for my entire life, but only recently did I discover that Duck Brand makes Tie-Dye printed tape!!   My friend Cassiopeia brought some up to the cottage and asked me to make a dress, but there wasn't enough tape, so we made it into a corset tube top instead!

Cassiopeia is badass so I taped it right to her body!  HOWEVER, I would highly suggest using a thin tube top, the midsection from control top pantyhose, or a body stocking to protect the skin on your torso!
  1. Peel off one section of tape, the approximate length to wrap around the torso and determine how the pattern lays.  This will depend on which pattern, how it repeats and the individual's size.
  2. Tear off 7 - 10 more strips of equal length, and wrap / stick around the torso one at a time, lining up the pattern along the front of the torso (I flipped alternating strips upside down)
  3. DON'T just start taping in circles, it doesn't work!  (learned that the hard way)
  4. Use a contrasting colour of tape (we used white) to trim the top and bottom edges and cover up any pantyhose / bodystocking material.
  5. Be very careful cutting it off but if you cut in a straight line you could hypothetically punch holes and re-lace it (we didn't plan ahead and mangled it while taking it off LOL)

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