PHOTOSHOOT: rePsychled reDesign

these pictures are of the shoot as a whole -- see tomorrow's post for my selection of favourites!
If, like me, you buy all your clothing either thrift/vintage or from local craftspeople you know that your garb has a vibe different from that of mass produced lines.  Sometimes I can feel that by the time I get my clothes, they've already had a full lifetime of experience!  Ever wonder about the artistes saturating your clothing with their creative energies?
I was first aquainted with Anne Hopkins (@mydailydesigns) last summer, when I encountered her rainbow shop and got a lovely fairy-esque crochet top .. Thru the power of Twitter I found her again this summer!  Anne has left her store behind and is now a rockin photographer and etsy seller with more time to focus on her designs :)
Here's what she had to say about what's she's been up to: Whether it’s Fashion, Scouting Models..Redoing a Room, or piece of Furniture..I feel that it comes along with more of an Inner Knowing or Attitude. I see the Beauty in what others normally wouldn't..and make Things/People more Beautiful than they Already Were. I can’t help it, it’s almost an Obsession.  One that I ‘hope’ there isn't a Cure for.  Recycling isn’t just Something People should Do. I believe it’s going to Become a Way of Life..One that will Make Us Feel Good about Ourselves..and Especially the Planet.  My Newest Hobby?  Photography.  Can life get any better than That? Don’t forget to check out my latest Photo Shoots. One Day > a few Hours.. and Memories that will Last a Lifetime! :)

I got in touch with her for a TFP photoshoot and what a wonderful day it was!  We collaborated to put together some great looks with focus pieces from Anne's collection and accent clothes/accessories from my own wardrobe. Getting free range of her design stuffed apartment was like raiding the closet of a fashionable older sister I never had!  I  really love Anne's way of de-constructing vintage/thrift clothes and recycling them into new, fashionable pieces.  She fit right into the fall trends with mixed prints and houndstooth and has a tremendous sense of draping that clearly illustrates her love of Alexander McQueen and Vivian Westwood.

She's also a great photographer -- showcasing many angles, styles and types of poses for my modelling portfolio while I tried to give her some unusual/unique looks and model a wide range of her collection.
You can get many of the pieces pictured here from Anne's etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/annehopkins

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  1. OMG!!
    You've done it AGAIN > SUCH a beautiful article Kate!! <3 Thank You!!

    Your article almost made me burst into tears!! WOW!! To describe how I feel at this moment?? Gobsmacked!!

    Thank you for encouraging little designers/artists such as myself to keep going and doing what we do best, and sharing the love of fashion with those who 'get it'. :D

    You are one AMAZING Blogger Mz. Kate (as well as Model), and I'm soooo lucky to know you, work/play with you. Can't wait to do it all over again when you come back!!

    Signing off.. Forevaaa as your Big Sis!!
    HUUUGE HUGS!! xo
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