Recycling on the Peninsula

 Slept in late this morning as it was my first day here in Gravenhurst, then decided to explore the Muskoka Wharf.  The shops and boardwalk are charming and my first glimpse of the steamboats was exciting but its definitely public access to green space and waterfront that makes this wharf area beautiful to explore.  Tucked behind the Residence Inn and the public boat mooring (access from Steamship Bay Rd) is a rugged park with naturalized trails connecting two gazebos with great views of Lake Muskoka.  Its lovely to be back out of the city again spending the day reading and sunning on the sloping rocks of the Canadian shield while my parents ran some errands in town.  While easily accessible by staircases from the parking lot, the park seems much more removed from the bustle than it really is.  The municipality of Gravenhurst has also really done its citizens and visitors a great service in providing waste disposal right on the peninsula - not only garbage but also recycling!  I'm sure this has gone a long way in maintaining the original wilderness feel of this lovely park.

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