Belly Ice Cream

Last week at the Gravenhurst Farmers Market I had the best icecream I've ever had from Belly Ice Cream Company - worth driving all the way to Huntsville just for another bite!  Made entirely of locally sourced, whole ingredients and with fantastical out of this world flavours I just can't get enough of this stuff!  Shelley Westgarth created her frozen treats business because she needed a career that would allow her to spend more time with her children and put her skills as a chef to good use.  She's definately done that in creating elaborate flavours from twists on the traditional: Buckwheat Honey and Vanilla Bean, savoury: Basil Gelato and the truly unusual: Dulce de Leche with Hot Chili Chocolate!  Today we sampled a 2-scoop combo of Lavender Honey Chevre Icecream and Blackberry Lemon Gelato which together tasted like a light frozen cheesecake :)

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