Bala Falls Hydro Project

In the heart of a small Muskoka town, the water cascading from Bala Bay on Lake Muskoka into the Moon River is at the centre of an environmental and policy debate that reaches all the way to Ottawa.  The debate is too complicated for me to form a solid opinion on, but I've been reading about it on these websites: http://savethebalafalls.com and http://mymuskoka.blogspot.com  On one hand - hydro is a good, clean source of power that can provide jobs to the community and the site already has a pretty significant dam.  On the other hand - the new dam will affect the flow of the falls, the look of the site, divert the river and restrict access to the shoreline... not to mention two years of construction in the heart of Muskoka.  
 Not sure how I feel about the controversy but I do know Bala is a charming town to visit!  I've loved Bala, ON since visiting my roommate Allison here a few summers ago. 

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