succulent mini window box (repost from last summer)

I found two charming old bread pans put out at someone's curb so I brought them home to be planters.  Since I didn't want to try drilling holes in them I figured drought tolerant succulents would be a wise choice since they don't require nearly as much watering.  Succulents are water retaining plants (usually with fleshy leaves) that have evolved fine root systems to withstand periods of drought, so therefore your container should never hold too much moisture or require drainage and a special potting mix should be used to prevent too much water from building up (see recipe below).   

I've had these succulents recuperating on my stairs for a while.  Since my plants come from dumpster diving missions they're rarely labeled so the best I can do is: R - Portulaca, L - Sedum 

Succulent Potting Mix 
(also works for Cacti)
2 parts builders sand
1 part perlite
1 part potting soil
1 part peat moss

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