Vintage Bathtub

Among other things, one criteria for apartment hunting a new place was a great bathtub!  I lucked out with a nice deep metal clawfoot, which although not that long is nice and deep :)  I wanted to make my bathroom into a refuge at home, and since the walls are already a lavender/grey I went with a French Provincial theme.  I take baths more than I shower, so a luxurious cloth bath curtain in slate blue with gold swirls was one splurge for my home oasis.  I fit a plastic liner onto the reverse side that can be flipped back for the times that I do choose to shower.  An angled mesh shelf from IKEA just fits into a very tight space, allowing for draining storage of wet items, and the curtain gathers infront.  The polkadot duckies were a housewarming / birthday present from a couple of good friends :)  Thanks!

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