Kitchen Postal Fabric

I've had this lovely fabric for quite some time and I knew I wanted it in my kitchen, but I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  Well when I moved into my new place I finally found a window just perfect to hang it in!  Since the window doesn't open and is very high up, I wanted a covering that never had to be raised or lowered.  I made a simple hollow hem on each end of a rectangle exactly the inner dimensions of the window and using two extendible curtain rods I fit the piece of fabric flush inside.  Since the pattern is dyed right through the cloth, it looks great by daylight from the inside as well as illuminated by the light from my kitchen when you look at it from outside at night!  I used the leftover fabric to make a cushion and the two tie in quite nicely with the colours I have going already :)  Yes I keep my television in the kitchen .. really the only time I turn it on is in the background when I'm cooking (and yes I have bunny ears for my TV)

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