Moving Day

Moving into a new place finally, yay no more leaking roof!  After nearly a dozen moves at all ends of the province, I'm getting pretty good at it!  This 101 from @ApartmentTherapy is full of wisdom that I agree with, this piece of advice in particular:

  • Try to have at least a sketchy floorplan of where you want those large furniture items to go. Because the bookcases came off the truck and were popped right into place, my sister and I were able to unpack her 30 boxes of books in a flash at the end of the day, creating an instant feeling of accomplishment as well as clearing a huge amount of floorspace.

First: the pre move checklist, including things like doing a spring clean, and measuring rooms/doors before attempting to bring in furniture.  Then, the moving checklist for the weeks / days leading up to and including moving day - don't forget your change of address/utilities/internet!  Finally: the cleaning checklist for as you move in.  Its better to get it all over with and have a fresh start!

I'm off to unpack :)  What would you unpack first?

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