Moving Injuries & Home Remedies

Considering this is the 12th time since leaving my parents' house that I've moved .. you'd think I'd be getting good at it.  No, each and every time seems as disastrous as the last!  To further complicate things, I'm a downright klutz and I never seem to make it through moving without some kind of injuries.  Today was no exception!  I ran my elbows into a few doorways and .. blushes .. fell out of the back of the truck, faceplanting onto the back bumper!  I've got a few solid purple bruises and scrapes on my legs and elbows and a tender spot on my forehead.  eep!

I'm often sceptical of home herbal remedies / homeopathy, but there is one that I absolutely stand by after years of positive results: arnical gel!  When I get those really deep tissue bruises I slather on a layer of the stuff and the stiffness aching goes away almost immediately, then it also seems to speed up the healing process from a few weeks to a few days!  Arnica montana the main ingredient (also known as mountain tobacco and leopard's bane) has been used as a healing remedy for centuries by both Europeans and Native Americans.  The anti-inflammatory nature of this plant stimulates blood flow and activates circulation reducing discolouration, stiffness and soreness by drawing blood away from the bruise to allow for repair of damaged capillaries.  Not just for bruises, anti-inflammatory Arnica can reduce swelling in aching  muscles/joints and ease pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.  I've been using Arnica Cream by NakaHerbs, found at my local health food store The Peanut Mill but any cream, gel or tincture with Arnica montana as the active ingredient should work well!

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