I think one of the reasons I'm resisting graduating from school is I really can't imagine what I'll do afterwords.  Even the times I dropped out, I've still thought of myself as a student.  So I'm setting myself some post-school plans to work towards.  My #1 dream has always been to travel, but I think that concept is too ambiguous, so I'm narrowing it down to one specific place (among many) to focus on.

With canals for waterways, like Venice (which has always intrigued me) but the carefree air of a small town - Gierthoorn looks like a lovely, dreamy getaway.  I would imagine the pace of life must slow down when boats or bicycles (a cycling path runs along the canals) are your main mode of transport {wistful sigh} The canal "punters" are referred to as whisper-boats as their electric motors barely disturb the tranquillity and quaint houses with thatched or tile roofs accessible by wooden bridges only add to the charming nature.

Someday .. someday .. 

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