No Man Is An Island

I had a truly sublime and blissful day today.  One of those momentous occasions where everything falls into place all at once and truly luxurious relaxation takes the place of stress and panic and upheaval.

I also just want to share with everyone a lesson that I'm learning, slowly but surely: you have to open up (especially when someone is offering to listen) you cannot keep things bottled up inside.  I've always heard people say that, but I shrugged it off as a self help mantra in favour of my personal preference until now: sheer denial.  "I don't have anything to talk about" I'd say, "I'm doing alright"  Well .. not only was I not talking to anyone else .. I wasn't communicating with myself.  When I finally took the time to listen to the messages my body and inner dialogue were leaving me - I realized I wasn't fine at all, I had just become very good at "keeping calm and carrying on".  Today I've taken the first step towards an open conversation with myself, and then I'll be able to communicate honestly and openly with those around me.  My suggestion to all those around me is to do the same.  Listen to your body.

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