niagara college

Every Monday morning last semester I woke up at an ungodly hour to board a bus all sleepy eyed and stomp off to class in my workboots.  HORT 1011 i.e. "Horticulture Practices" should be renamed Free Labour Class!  Sometimes it paid off when we got free flowers but mostly it just seemed like alot of grounds maintenance (weeding, mowing lawns, pruning, sweeping, raking etc) and the occasional greenhouse assembly line potting up bulbs.  This was mostly done off season in dismal weather so it wasn't until I went by the campus today to drop off my OSAP paperwork that I realized just how worth it all that work was!
Campus looks phenomenal!  It was attractive at various times throughout the year: multicoloured leaves in autumn, occasional snow laden days in the winter and the delicate flowering trees in spring.  But none of the seasons compare to the lush, densely saturated foliage spreading through the gardens at this time of year!  Now I kinda wish I was a summer student just so I could enjoy being on campus at the height of its botanical beauty (although I'd hate Free Labour Class even more in the heat!)   

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