free labour = free flowers

Every Monday morning at an ungodly hour I board a bus all sleepy eyed and stomp off to class in my workboots.  HORT 1011 i.e. "Horticulture Practices" should be renamed Free Labour Class.  We don't learn a whole ton we just spend 3 hours raking, mowing grass, pruning and this week: digging holes.  I understand why we have to do some of this stuff, but it doesn't make me like it any better... I came to college to get out of dead end menial labour jobs!

Sometimes though it pays off...  We do get to spend lots of time outdoors and this week we got free flowers!  Not really the type of stuff I usually pick (not a big fan of fussy pink flowers) but they do really brighten up my bathroom!  The cineraria in the middle and the primulas on each end have a few more blooms left and the pansies inbetween haven't even started to bud yet.  This window box should last me through the spring until I'm ready to put it to use outside.  The tulips from Open House are pretty ragged, I'm not sure if I can dig up the bulbs and replant them either again this season or in the fall for next year but I'll look into it. 

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